[RESULTS] Second Draw

Q. What’s this list, I thought you’d already done the draw?

A. I did!  This is the second draw for those who didn’t make the first draw or those who failed to make contact with their partners

Q. When was the second draw?

A. It took place Saturday 18th May 2013

Q. Why does it start at draw no. 101?

A. I didn’t want to duplicate the previous draw, so I started at 101!

Last update Thursday 18th May 21:47 GMT

Facebook Name Draw No. Soundcloud Name
Hisan Malik 101 http://soundcloud.com/bxyfriend
Peter Owen 101 http://soundcloud.com/soundtrack-audio
Craig Paterson 102 http://soundcloud.com/computerizedsentience
Whittaker Thomas Maes 102 http://soundcloud.com/cygnum
Andrew Berg 103 http://soundcloud.com/particleprojectorcannon
Colette Means 103 http://soundcloud.com/kayodefunke
Koen Janssen 104 http://soundcloud.com/innersyn
Oliver Sadie 104 http://soundcloud.com/oliversadie
Mario Metusalem 105 http://soundcloud.com/radioshockerz
Orlando Laman 105 http://soundcloud.com/sileno
?? Not sure 🙂 106 http://soundcloud.com/diijonvu
Msanii Moore 106 http://soundcloud.com/iammsanii
?? Not sure 🙂 107 http://soundcloud.com/hot-buttered-bland
Vaibhav Batra 107 http://soundcloud.com/dievirgin
Russ Andrade 108 http://soundcloud.com/russandrade
srzsr 108 http://soundcloud.com/srz_sr
Christopher D. Sims 109 http://soundcloud.com/universoulove
Steven Killingbeck 109 http://soundcloud.com/spanishlies
?? Not sure 🙂 110 http://soundcloud.com/leeway
Livia Middleton 110 http://soundcloud.com/nyappicat
Mark Whaley 111 http://soundcloud.com/markuswhaley
Matt Baker 111 http://soundcloud.com/mikans
Middle Schoolfrown 112 http://soundcloud.com/middleschoolfrown
Padruna Nina 112 http://soundcloud.com/padruna
Saul J.Curtis 113 http://soundcloud.com/saul-curtis
Skye Milan 113 http://soundcloud.com/skye-milan
Georgina KarYing 114 http://soundcloud.com/jam150
Marcus Robair 114 http://soundcloud.com/hiddengems/bhexxus
David Brooks 115 http://soundcloud.com/lightthedeep
Donnie Bugden 115 http://soundcloud.com/ok-enough

11 thoughts on “[RESULTS] Second Draw

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      • Sorry, Dave, I have a question. We’re already working with Sileno on kinda interesting and unusual song. Can we complete our song and upload it no matter how we’ll be redrawed? P.S. I’m russian, hope you’ll understand my point.

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